What Is Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc. (MCFI)?

Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc. (MCFI) was created in 1974 by the people who ran Noreascon (1971) under the auspices of NESFA. Its purpose was to bid for a Boston Worldcon in 1980. It ran Noreascon Two (1980), Noreascon Three (1989), and Noreascon Four (2004). Remarkably, the chairmen of all four Noreascons are still active members of the organization.

MCFI hosted Smofcon 25, December 7-9, 2007, in Boston, MA.

The first few years of MCFI's Hugo-award winning fanzine The Mad 3 Party is now online.

MCFI is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

MCFI also ran Smofcon 3 (1986), Smofcon 15 in Boston, MA, December 5-7, 1997, Ditto 11 in Newport, RI, November 6-8, 1998, and the 25th World Fantasy Convention in Providence, RI, November 4-7, 1999. MCFI also ran several Worldcon bids, including Boston for Orlando in 2001 and Boston in 2004.

Officers of MCFI

Our officers for 2013-2014 are:


MCFI meetings are currently limited to an annual meeting held each October.

Current Members

MCFI members have worked on many conventions, including Boskone, Arisia, Readercon, Albacon, Lunacon, Philcon, Balticon, Disclave, Confluence, OryCon, Minicon, Wiscon, Tropicon, many Westercons, NASFiCs, and of course, many Worldcons. As a group, many of us managed the Iguanacon (1978) Masquerade, ConStellation (1983) sales to members, LoneStarCon 1 (Austin 1985) Art Show, MagiCon (1992) Exhibits Division, and ran the L.A.con III (1996) Art Show.

MCFI members control the activities of the organization, technically by a majority vote (or greater, for some issues), but generally by consensus. MCFI's membership is drawn from most of the convention-running groups in the Boston area, with members involved in Arisia, Boskone, Readercon, and MASSFILC.

The following are members of MCFI:

Claire Anderson, Dave Anderson, Bonnie Atwood, Ted Atwood, Judy Bemis, Seth Breidbart, Elaine Brennan, Ann Broomhead, Dave Cantor, Elisabeth Carey, Gay Ellen Dennett, Naomi Fisher, Janice Gelb, Marc Gordon, Dave Grubbs, Lisa Hertel, Chip Hitchcock, Saul Jaffe, Rick Katze, Deborah A. King, Rick Kovalcik, Alexis Layton, Anthony R. Lewis, Suford Lewis, Paula Lieberman, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann, Patrick Molloy, Mark L. Olson, Priscilla Olson, Sheila Perry, Kelly S. Persons, Tim Roberge, Ruth Sachter, Sharon Sbarsky, Geri Sullivan, Tim Szczesuil, Leslie J. Turek, and Ben Yalow.

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The MCFI By-Laws and Articles of Organization are available online.

We still have some souvenirs from various Noreascons and Smofcons for sale.